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Central Interior Lawn Care will help you to maintain or build a new great looking fence for your home or business. We provide a variety of styles to suit your fencing needs.

Wood Fence

From custom to prefab wood fences, we will ensure that your fences are built to last. We can provide you with a variety of ideas for custom fences that will fit your budget. To ensure that your fence stays sturdy, our posts are set in cement to three foot depths to prevent winter permafrost heaving. Your fence can be stained in endless colours to enhance your property appearance.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are becoming increasingly more popular due to ease of maintenance. Vinyl fences never need painting and are made UV resistant to last for years. As the popularity of vinyl fences grows, so does the variety of colours and styles.

Composite Fence

Composite fencing is made of wood and vinyl fibres that provides the best of both worlds of wood and vinyl fencing. Much like vinyl fencing, composite fencing is maintenance-free but looks and feels like wood fences.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are the most durable and strongest of all fences. Once only used for industrial purposes, chain link fences have changed to provide vinyl coating in primary colours. Vinyl fence slats can be inserted into the chain link fence to provide greater privacy.